The Book’s Death

Quoted from the schizoid internet:

The End of the Book, like the Death of the Author, is the conceptual analogue of the End of the Printed Book. These historical shifts have been concomitant with, and indeed have paved the way for, the advent of electronic hypertext. They signal not simply the demise of the bookmark industry or relief from the dangers of papercuts, but a way of thinking about the way we organize, conceive and imagine the world in which we live. To think of the world not as a Book but as a hypertext is to conceive of it as a heterogeneous, mutable, interactive and open-ended space where meaning is inscribed between signs, between nodes, and between readers, not enclosed between the limits of a front and back cover, or anchored to some conceptual spine called the author.”

A Schizoid, too, I suppose, as creator of Nemonymous (no by-lines) and instigator of all my published work on-line in 2004 (Weirdmonger Wheel), I should have some sympathy with that type of thought-dreaming?

Cf: ‘Paper Cuts’ in the HA of HA.

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